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Top 12 Romantic Weekend Getaways for Couples

Summer vacation is almost here for the kids, but sadly, most adults don’t get to enjoy that same luxury. Aside from a weeklong vacation here or there, most of us end up working through the rest of the summer. Still, a long weekend here or there, and even regular weekends as available, can make all the difference in stretching your schedule of fun and relaxation across the entire year. Space out a few weekend getaways that you can enjoy as a couple and let the romance begin.

If your family has access to a beach house or a mountain property or other vacation abode, definitely take advantage as often as you are able. This is likely the most economical way to stretch your vacation dollars. Keep your budget in mind as you consider these top 12 romantic weekend getaways for couples:

The beach

Just about everyone loves the beach! You’ll find so much to see and do, so many great treats to enjoy, fresh seafood, beachy beverages, and more. Set aside some time for miniature golf, ice cream, and a stroll along the boardwalk if you like. Make it a fun and exciting weekend you and your sweetheart will want to do over and over again.

The mountains

Take a more relaxing pace at a mountain retreat, especially if you can set yourself up alongside a sparkling lake. The Adirondacks in upstate New York can be the perfect venue to get away from it all and recharge your batteries. Lay out in a hammock and catch up on your Zzz’s. Or, you can take a more adventurous route and go waterskiing or snow skiing, depending on the season. You can go out on a hike and enjoy a picnic lunch, too. Make the most of your time away!

The desert or a ranch

There’s just something romantic about horseback riding. Get yourselves a cabin at the nearest ranch or find a desert ranch location with horseback riding in the off-season. Arizona has no shortage of romantic horseback riding operations, including the picturesque Sunglow Ranch in Arizona, which may be the perfect romantic getaway idea for sweethearts when the mood strikes. You can also find exciting guest ranch accommodations in Idaho, which is a choice location during the hot season, and plenty of other locations peppered throughout the U.S.

The big city

Many regions are close enough to a big city for a romantic weekend or long weekend getaway. Plan a sweethearts’ escape to New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, or Washington, D.C. Consider planning to see a show, grabbing a bite, and relaxing any way you so choose. Visit a spa for massages, do a little shopping, or simply get out and see the sights. You can also make breakfast plans – another nice element in a romantic weekend away.

A quaint bed and breakfast

Just plain get away from it all by staying at a quaint and cozy bed and breakfast. Choose a location near you and search for BNB’s in the vicinity. You might find a place with nearby hikes or waterfalls, wineries, or other sweet attractions you and your lover can enjoy. Or, you could just hide away for the entire weekend, enjoying each other’s company and a break from the day-to-day rush. Even if you choose the middle of nowhere as your getaway spot, the important thing is the person you bring with you.

The nearest historical landmark

History and culture might not be every couple’s idea of a dream weekend getaway, but a visit to a big museum or other historical site can better ground us in our own lives. It also expands your horizons and gives you conversation matter well beyond the kids’ activities or the monotony of your work life. (And to some, but not all, historical information may be a step up.)

The nearest natural wonder

If you live close enough to Niagara Falls, go. It’s a beautiful and romantic sight to behold and well worth an extended weekend stay. Countless other attractions and activities exist in that general area, but the falls are a must-see. If you’re not close enough for a weekend getaway to the falls, take a look for your nearest natural landmark or wonder. If you can get to the California Redwoods or The Wave at Coyote Buttes in Arizona and Utah, or Carlsbad Cavern in New Mexico, these natural attractions will give you photographs and memories of a lifetime.

Wine country

If you can make it to Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Willamet Valley (Oregon), or the Finger Lakes region, go! You’ll also find other wine regions and individual wineries sprinkled throughout the United States, so if you and your love enjoy a nice glass (or bottle) of wine, make plans for a romantic weekend to check it all out. I’ve also heard you can do barefoot grape stomping at Four Sisters Winery in New Jersey! Seek and you shall find, my friends.

Amusement parks

Nothing wrong with a little R&R at an amusement park—a few roller coasters, some splash rides, cotton candy, and funnel cake. Check out your nearest attraction, whether it’s a water park in the summertime or a safari ride through Great Adventure. You can enjoy all the rides, win some prizes, and make a weekend of it, especially at a place like Busch Gardens.

Short cruise over extended weekend

You might think you need more time, but plenty of three-day cruise specials are just waiting for passengers. Depending on your nearest port, you can check out the Bahamas, Baja Mexico, San Francisco, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and other great options. Plan a nice cruise to relax and live it up for a few days. If you like what you experience, you can always opt for a longer cruise on a future vacation. Watch for last-minute deals, too, if you are more of a spontaneous type.

A sporting event

Travel to an opponent’s stadium or ballpark with your significant other for a fun weekend of cheering and sports excitement. After the game, spend some time checking out the sites, enjoying the local fare, and snapping a few photos. You may enjoy it so much that you guys decide to make a habit of going to at least one road game a year. Just keep in mind the local sports fans’ temperament when deciding how much of your team’s colors and apparel to sport to the local watering holes or you might be in for some hot debates. You can also travel for another sporting event where you don’t have a specific loyalty established, possibly some rugby championships or another colorful sport.

Concert getaway

Whether a concert campout or cruise or simply traveling to a nearby location with a great lineup, a concert getaway can be a great option for new couples as well as longtime sweethearts. Music brings people together and can be a really fun excursion that changes up the pace of your normal routine. Find a big summer concert series or travel for one in the cooler months. You can add in some dancing, a few good meals, and a concert T-shirt all at a pretty reasonable price.

These are some ideas to give you a fun and exciting or romantic and relaxing escape from daily life, even if just for a weekend. Remember, no matter where you go and what you do, the most important thing is the person beside you. Enjoy!


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