What’s an Eye Hole?

Now that the summer is winding down, you may not be spending your time outside from sunup to sundown. Why ruin your hair-do by constantly flipping your sunglasses from your eyes to the top of your head? An innovative new product saves the day (and your coiff!) with a stylish new accessory.

The Eye Hole was created not just for sunglasses, but also reading glasses. This hip accessory is a great new way to prevent lost glasses with no need to keep placing them in and out of case. It’s also a big plus that it provides a fashionable escape from a hair faux-pas. Why risk placing your glasses down where they could get scratched, covered, or even tossed aside, when you have such an easy solution?


The Eye Hole doubles as a place to hold your glasses and a necklace for when you are actually wearing the glasses. It serves as an alternative to the cords and chains that attach to the ends of glasses that may add some unwanted age to your look.

Each Eye Hole’s cord is adjustable to whatever length you prefer and comes in a variety of colors and materials. The rings available supply a variety of appearances; perfect for a wide range of personalities and for both women and men.

The designs are available to view online and for purchase there and in various retail shops. Visit their website to see the styles and find a location near you!

Fifteen styles are part of the permanent collection, but keep a lookout for the monthly limited editions! I was lucky to receive both the Live, Love, Laugh and the Thompson styles for the purpose of this review.

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