Where to Get Boxes for Kids’ Activities

From birthday party props to rainy day fun, parents can find so many creative uses for cardboard boxes. Most of the time the problem isn’t coming up with exciting ideas—it’s more along the lines of figuring out where to get boxes for kids activities. The good news is, as long as you give yourself enough time, you can usually find some boxes in time for your project.

Best Places to Get Boxes for Free

So, you may be surprised to find that some of the best places to get boxes could be right there in your own neighborhood. For my daughter’s second birthday, I wanted to make a fun craft out of cardboard, but I didn’t know where to get boxes. I scored two free cardboard boxes at one of our local CVS stores. I asked an employee on a whim and we were happy to receive two large boxes for free. My brother turned these boxes into play doghouses for my daughter’s dog themed birthday party. They were so cute!


I have also seen large boxes available for the taking at Costco on the way out as you are leaving the store. I’d imagine you could just take them if you saw them there during a shopping trip, or you could ask a store employee ahead of time if you are looking for something more specific. If you don’t have a membership to the store, you may need to visit as a guest or consider where to get boxes in another location.

If you happen to visit the local wine and spirits shop, they will surely have boxes you can have. Anytime I’ve purchased three bottles of wine or more, they’ve gladly given me a box to take everything home. I expect they would have a high enough volume of boxes that they could share regardless of what, if anything, you’re buying.


Some of the best places to get boxes for free end up being delivery companies bringing you new appliances or new furniture. We recently took delivery of a full bedroom set for our new daughter and asked the delivery men to leave the biggest boxes for our three year old to enjoy. She’s been having a blast ever since and I just feel bad for when the box finally gives out as I know we won’t be likely to come across one this large again for a while. At least I know where to get boxes so we can make smaller cardboard creations in the future!

Best Places to Buy Boxes

If you haven’t found where to get boxes for free in your neighborhood, you may need to change your plan and actually buy some boxes. You can find boxes and packing materials for sale at office supply stores, at shipping shops like FedEx and UPS locations, and often at self-storage office locations. You might also see folks offering boxes for a very low fee or even free on some of those yard sale sites online, or possibly on Craigslist.Where-to-get-free-boxes_121242w

Have you had success in figuring out where to get boxes for kids’ activities on your own? Please share tips for other readers in the comments below!

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